Barbie Clothes

Published June 17, 2015 by Jayashiangel

Working on Barbie Clothes for my niece using various patterns and then modifying them to create outfits.My DD created a quicker short pattern to go w/ each set…..

This projects have been perfect for me to learns pattern but to use up scrap yarn and smaller tinier hooks.

Attached our the patterns I used to get these…Shout out the creator of these original pattern. Thank you for sharing them for free..

Pattern One-Barbie Tube style Dress

Pattern Two- Barbie Ruffle Style Dress

2015_06 Pink_Purple top and bottoms 2015_06_Barbie Blue and Black Dress 2015_06_Barbie Blue Top and Skirt 2015_06_Barbie Camo Green Dress 2015_06_Barbie Tube Dress Pink & Blue 2015_06_Black and Blue Barbie Dress 2015_06_Blue Tube Barbie Dress 2015_06_Fiesta Ruffle Barbie Dress 2015_06_Ice Cream Barbie 2015_06_Purple Shirt and Shirt Barbie 2015_06_Red Barbie Dress 2016_06_White short and Blue Gray Top


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