Crockpot Fried Rice

Published July 3, 2015 by Jayashiangel

Aroma 8 cup Rice Cooker and SteamerFirst I started off making batches of Jazzy brown rice one pound bag and batches of white rice one bag in my rice cooker the night before. (the extra rices will get put in the freezer for the next batches of crockpot fried rice in the future month)…I have to make 2 batches of crockpot fried rice mine w/ veggies and my DD who likes very little veggie. (she only likes the sauce/rice/ celery/Bok Choy)

So I follow the instruction my rice cooker and then allow the rice too cool for a few hours since I made the rice the night before it was already cooled. (that is why if you freeze the rice after cooking all your have to do is grab rice/veggie/sauce drop in crockpot and turn on..and then the best part EAT….

I love Veggie fried rice at the restaurants for around $6.99 however I really love veggie and never get enough in a meal ..My solution is I have lots of veggie around in the crisper drawer at home this my go to meal crockpot fried rice…I really love this due to the fact that you can change it up add more etc plus you know what your getting when you make it. This batch had Jazzy brown rice-carrots-green onions-broccoli-red bell peppers-teriyaki sauce.. The only expense for this meal was getting the rice as we were out.. so $1 for a bag of rice which will yield me 3 batches of rice= about 8-9 meals…:O) depending on how much veggie and Grilled chicken I add to each batch so very cost effective meal..Plus you use up leftover veggie or leftover meats that you only have just a little of not enough for meal by it’s self.

20150702_Veggie Crockpot Fried Rice


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