My first crocheted baby sweater

Published July 16, 2015 by Jayashiangel

Lets me tell you about the journey to create this pattern. I started the same way  on the big WWW.  Trying to find a one piece no sewing pattern was the next challenge. Then it was trying out 3 or 4 pattern only to not get the middle to close (touch) it was touching at the top and then it would be like 3 inches apart from after where it touched to the bottom well that was not going to work for keeping a baby warm..

Well I finally found the perfect simple baby sweater pattern

The next part was to increase the size of the baby pattern which since I have been crocheting baby things I have noticed if I go up from an H to an I I get the right size for a 9-12 month baby so that is what I did..

I also wanted to be able to use red heart super saver yarn as I have lots on hand and in my scrap stash too (see baby sweaters from scraps in the future shhhhhhh!!!!!)

20150714_Yoke of Sweater

This is the Yoke/Starting part of the baby sweater

20150714_Yoke of Sweater front

As you can see here the front right and front left sides match in the center

20150714_Sweater Sleeves

This is how it will look after you complete the row to create the sleeves (arm holes).

20150715_Short and Long Sleeve

After completing the body and the sleeve (arm holes) you have to decide if you want it  be sleeveless to create a vest—>Short Sleeves for dresses or summer time  or nice long sleeves to keep baby warm in the winter time

20150715_Long Sleeves Completed

I wanted a nice long sleeve sweater to keep baby warm…

However I see lots of decorating options as well so lets talk about those too

Vest- You could add little pockets for a little boys style vest pattern or applique little things to sew on by hand…

Short Sleeve – I am thinking about ruffly style sleeves

Long Sleeves- could be made in different colors so say black sweater with red sleeves this would be perfect also if gift giving for people who have babies that are into sport you could pick the colors of the parent’s fave sport team and use those colors when making.

For me however I just see lots of baby sweaters in the future :O) perfect to pair with a nice little baby dress/bloomers and you guessed it a baby sweater either short or long sleeved…


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