Crochet Preemie Clothes

Published July 29, 2015 by Jayashiangel

A co-worker recently had a grand baby girl who was born premature who’s weighing in at just 4 tiny little pounds and since I crochet alot of different things for the various co-workers at work I decided I wanted to make some preemie things too..(why not how hard can it be? is what I was thinking I just did newborn baby dresses should be a piece of cake) Well the adventure started this past weekend so I got some patterns from the net God’s Tiny Angels and I want to make sure I give created due because her patterns are easy for me to follow and turn out perfect even when you modify them :O)  I also ended up over at Bev’s Country Cottage to get a sizing chart.. and I also grabbed a Sweater/Shirt pattern from Mariann’s Lazy Daisy Day’s Blog Now it was time to start crocheting and these are a few of the items I just finished up…

3-5 LBS  
NECK TO FEET: 14 1/4″  
CIRCUMF. OF NECK: 6″ – 7.5″

CHEST: 10″ 
HEAD: 12 1/2″  

FEET: 2 1/2″ – 3″ 
20150725_Purple Bubble Suit Onesie

I first started off making the onesie style of the pattern for the bubble suit Using a G baby Hook as pattern called for various options  (from a C hook to an G Hook) however I was concerned w/ the baby being so tiny and having anything that could possible go baby wrong as in pieces so I changed to a dress and then added some scalloped edging as well as tie string backs so no issue of choking issues plus little baby snaps are super tiny…. Using a G baby Hook as pattern called for I hoped I picked the right size hook and I got started less then 3 hours later mind you I was at work….

20150726_Purple Bubble Suit Dress

20150726_Back Purple Bubble Suit

20150726_Purple Bubble Suit Dress_Measurements

20150726_Purple Bubble Suit Dress_Measurements 2

So I did some internet searches for some premade crochet preemie outfits and 5 inches wide (10 inch chest) and about 8 inch long since if the baby is say around 14 inches from neck to feet sounded right?

20150726_Yellow bubble suit Dress

This one I went up a hook size to an H and it made it just a little bit bigger  and looser but not too big…

20150726_2 size preemie dress

20150726_Pink Bubble Suit Dress

20150729_Multiblue Bubble Dress

20150727_Preemie Sweater Jacket


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