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Winter Time!!!!!

Published October 30, 2015 by Jayashiangel

20151029_AJ HOODIE

Hoodie-Cowl for my fiance :O) shortened the length…..Free pattern from here!!!

20151028_AJ Brown hat 2

20151028_AJ Camo Hat

Brown and Camo Hubby Hats free pattern here 

Time to Show off

Published October 14, 2015 by Jayashiangel

Here is some things I have recently completed baby items…..

Pinafore’s usually are worn over a onesie to keep baby warm…as this stitch work is lacey and open-airy… also they have a tie around the neck which is loose as well as a button in the middle to keep closed as these are open style.

20151002_Orange Angel Wing Dress

Orange and White Angel Wing  Pinafore  Size 0-3 months

20151002_Pink Angel Wing Dress

Light Pink and White Angel Wing  Pinafore  Size 0-3 months

20151008_Blue Angel Wing

Blue and White Angel Wing  Pinafore  Size 0-3 months

Apple Crumb Cake

Published October 8, 2015 by Jayashiangel

This week was a very tight budget week yet I wanted a dessert so after surfing the net I came across a recipe from Neigborhoodfood blog… for this awesome crumb cake that sound just like what I wanted….However I was short on ingredients meaning I had to do lots of substitution to create this crumb cake but that is what baking is all about use what you got and get creative…But first I want to tell you about the cake I love this quick cake as well as my picky DD and will be making it again in the future using the changes that I made. I am thinking I could cut the recipe in half (8 x 8) so we can use the toaster oven vs the big oven during the hot Arizona summers… So I see testing this out pretty soon is in order…

So here is the recipe and my changes.

For the crumb layers:

3 cups flour->used 1 cup of wheat->1 cup of white->1 cup of ground oatmeal

1 cup brown sugar

½ cup granulated sugar-skipped

1 teaspoon salt

2 teaspoons cinnamon

½ teaspoon nutmeg->skipped

1 cup (2 sticks) butter, melted >1 cup of coconut oil

1 teaspoon vanilla

2 large (or 3 small) tart peeled and chopped –>3 gala apples

For the cake:

8 Tablespoons butter->Brummer and Brown Yogurt Butter

1 cup granulated sugar

2 large eggs

1 teaspoon vanilla

1 cup sour cream-> Dannon Plain Yogurt

2 cups flour- mixture of whole wheat/white/oatmeal

½ teaspoon baking soda

½ teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon baking powder

Baked for 1 hour vs 40 mins and I didn’t need to cover it…

Here are some pictures I took of the cake making….I missed a few shots but you get the idea…

20151007_Sprouts in Apple

Started off slicing my apples to find that my apples had started to sprout their seeds and I just knew I needed a picture of that…..Pretty wild huh?…

20151007_Batter Mix

This is the batter mix it does get very thick

20151007_Crumb Mix

Crumb Mix looks yummy too me! with all the sugar!!


This is a shot of the batter on the bottom then the apples and then the first layer of those crumbs

20151007_Close up layer

Everyone needs a close up of those apples and crumbs

20151007_Batter Layer

This the last batter layer before I top it with that last of those crumbs had to use a spatula to spread it out it was so thick and rich!!!

20151007_Apple Crumb Cake

One Apple Crumb Cake ready to cool and eat!!!!

Bulk Cooking/Budgeting/Shopping

Published October 2, 2015 by Jayashiangel

I am a real person doing real things so my photos are not going to look Photoshopie perfect and either will be my food. They will be plain boring things that real people cook or make to eat for meals not some fancy kitchen w/ so many pieces of table ware you have to ask “what is this for?” that is not me. We have changes meaning someone else got a job and that means lots of things to various people at my house just like everyone else’s homes things change. We mom’s, dad’s etc must change and get creative w/ meal time. In my case this week it was both change & small budget…

1st Thing how much MONEY you got? To work with

2nd Must have on this’ week’s shopping list?

3rd What things can you do without?

4th Lets take inventory-what do I have to work w/ already in the house (helps if you know this already keeping a cheat sheet)

5th Create Menu/Shop/Bulk cooking as needed

This week I needed to really do all these things and I wanted to try a new recipe that was budget friendly as well. My budget this week was $40. I also had things in the house to use as well.

Day 1- Worked 8 hours shift and then at 1PM

Inventoried-Created Menu Plan-Budget Shopped-Bulk Cooked

Went shopping got all the items needed and stayed in my budget. However 4 meals will need to be on hold until I get $5 more some-where to buy buns needed for the meals….(plan is in work???)

Budget was $40 Total Spent $32.76 Saved $35.48

99 cent store Spent $12 plus tax saved $32.98

3 cans of Salsa (32 oz) $3 regular buy for $3 each

1 can of Enchilada sauce (32 oz) $1 regular buy for $3 each

2 packages of tortillas $2 regular buy for $3.50 each

2 Yogurt Butter $2 regular buy for $3.50 each

2 bag of Sweet Potato Fries $2 regular buy for $3.50 each

2 bag of diced Poblano peppers $2 regular buy for $2.99 each

Sprouts Spent $12.29 plus tax

2 packages of Chicken Breast for $9

2 green onions of $1

Spinach $1.29

6 limes for $1

Safeway Spent $8.47 plus tax Saved $2.50

Bag of ice $1.50

2 gallons of Milk $ 4.98

Tortilla Chips $ 1.99 w/ coupon regular price $4.49

Bulk Cooking Plan

Crock-pot Steel cut oatmeal w/ diced apples

Crock-pot Black Beans

Crock-pot Chicken Breasts-to shred for meals

Southwestern Burritos using the chicken above

3 batches of Quinoa-to freeze for use later in quick meals

Menu Plan for 2 weeks

DD has a new job and eat schedules will be changing since we both work plus bulk cooking (aka lazy cooking) since after working 12 hours I don’t want to stand in the kitchen for hour to prep meals….

2 meals Southwestern Quinoa Bake w/ shredded chicken

2 meals of Turkey Burgers w/ Homemade Marconi Salad

2 meals of Sloppy Joes w/ sweet potato fries

Homemade Chicken Noodle soup from freezer

Chicken Breast w/ broccoli and baked beans

Chicken Breast w/baked Sweet Potato w/veggies

2 meals Shredded Chicken Black Beans Quesadillas w/ Mexican Rice

4 PM

Printed new recipe out

Prep work-slicing and dicing

5-6 PM Bulk cooked 3 batches of quinoa part will be dinner tonight and the rest will be frozen for use later in meals

7 PM-Dinner it was the new recipe of Southwestern Quinoa Bake

Day 2 Day off—530 AM Got up

Diced up leftover apples from fridge

Started Crock-pot 1 Apple Steel Cut Oatmeal to freeze

Started Crock-pot 2 of black beans-after washing and rinse

830 AM Ran errors and picked up 50 cent loaf of French bread

11 AM Removed all items from crock-pots into individual containers to cool/label/freeze 10 container of Oatmeal/ 8 containers of black beans to freeze

1130 AM Washed crock-pots and refilled w/chicken breasts

600 PM Cooled and shredded chicken breasts-refrigerated

615 PM Leftover Southwestern Quinoa Bake for dinner


20150930_Bake Set

Day 3 Day off -530 AM Errands 9AM-1PM

2 PM- Made Veggie w/ shredded chicken on French bread

Leftover enchiladas sauce from recipe about yielded  3 containers to freeze.

6 PM- Bulk Made 18 Southwestern Burritos

2 quart bag of shredded chicken to freeze for meals later

20151001_Burrito Prep_Make

So you can see you can do meals on a budget as well as bulk cooking & prepping in very little time it’s all about planning. Even if every day you say made a batch of something to freezer for use later -> 2 meal of lasagna one for dinner and one to freeze. Dinner prep later will be simple and quick and little prep..