Bulk Cooking-Manwich

Published November 24, 2015 by Jayashiangel

Bulk cooking dinner for tonight and 6 meals in the future all at one time smart huh?? I think so…tonight is Manwich you know that great stuff in a can. I bought the bigger can for $2 which called for 2 pounds of meat. Well I stretch it more and picked up 3 pounds of ground chicken and ground turkey plus when I serve it for me I also added veggie (peppers and onions) so it stretches it more sometime I will mix in spinach too I love veggie… So I whipped up the batch allowed it to cook and packaged it away into the freezer and a mason jar into the fridge.

These meals will allow my DD to grab this at home w/ some fries or chips when she gets home after regular dinner time plus the cost is cheaper than a stop at Wendy’s for burger/fries and soda.$6.00

Cost you’re asking I just know it…3 packages was under $8 plus the can it yielded  6 bulk meals to freeze (1/2 cup portions) plus dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow so a total of 8 meals at under $11 vs $48 for dinner at Wendy’s.

The local 99 cent store Ore-ida fries for 99 cent a couple of weeks ago so I picked up 2 bags and Sprout has fresh buns daily 2 for $1.

So dinner is served tonight plus meals for the future in the time it would take to cook one meal. Plus the extra time to package/label/store in the freezer so maybe 10 mins.

20151123_Bulk cooking Manwich


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