Bulk Cooking-Meat

Published December 4, 2015 by Jayashiangel

As you know I try to bulk cook items that I use regularly that make meal prep on nights when I am in not in the mood to cook or when I just need something perfect for my lunch. This week I did some extra bulk cooking of a few meals w/ ground chicken and stir fry chicken breasts the total price was less than $30 for 4 packages of ground chicken breast/1 package of ground turkey and 2 packages of stir fry chicken strips.This was on my shopping day Tuesday..

First I made up taco meat I used 2 packages yielded 8 meals of taco meat=.5 cups per container time less than 1 hours to cook/cool-portion out-label-freeze.  Dinners that night was made from the remaining taco meat…. win win…Tuesday night….

20151201_Freezing Taco

The next day was making stir fry bowls used the 2 package I bought and grilled it on my George Grill as it yields less grease when cooking vs frying in a skillet. My DD doesn’t like all the veggie and extra stuff in her rice bowls so I make portion control container w/ what she likes .Made up a big batch of white rice using my steamer to create these bowls and to freeze the extra white rice for random use later. Yielded 5 extra bowls of plain rice and 4 container Chicken & Rice bowls for DD in to the freezer and 2 dinners that night… This was Wednesday Day

Chicken Bowl Clips

Plus leftover chicken which was used the next day for breakfast w/ some various toppings to create 2 quesadillas..(cheese/jalapenos/chicken breast/green onions/fired roasted peppers) Thursday Morning

20151203_Quesadilla Mix

Then on Thursday morning I whipped up 2 batches of homemade meatloaf using 2 package of ground chicken breast and one package of turkey breast (this allows for not so dry of a loaf :O) ) since chicken breast can be dry w/ limited fat . This went into to the oven around 11 am and was done later after I had cleaning the house and did 2 loads of laundry..It cooled and I was able to slice it up and place onto baggies for grabbing later for meals it yielded me 5 baggies (2 pieces) per baggie…2 extra pieces became dinner then night :O) w/ broccoli from the freezer..

20151203_Meatloaf Mix

Now I have lots of meals in my freezer and I was able to do this on my 3 days off I have done this all in one day before as well but I prefer to stretching my time (so I don’t spend all day in the kitchen)


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