Keyhole Hand Sanitzer Holder

Published February 11, 2016 by Jayashiangel


20160204_Hand Sanitizer Cozy Mix 2The original Design :O) I like as well but you have to sew on a button and it’s open on the top where the bottle slides in....

I based my idea on this free original pattern and changed it up a bit to better suit the people I would give these to who can’t use button closer due to limited hand movement….I reused a pattern concept I used for making my keyhole cellphone cozies and used the idea here to eliminate buttons as well to eliminate a flap that I attempted in a few  to keep bottle inside cozy as some were concerned it may accidentally fall out…while hanging on a bag or purse..

20160207_K.I.S.S. Keyhole Hand Sanitizer Cozy Mix 3






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