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Crochet Shades of Pink Toddler Dress

Published March 24, 2016 by Jayashiangel

It’s spring time here in Phoenix & I wanted to make a little dress for a friends daughter that was both cute and light in weight….Using some balls of cotton I picked up thrift store shopping somewhere months maybe even a year ago I finally found it a home…Love this free pattern that is comes in many sizes (Small 1-3 Med. 4-6x Large. 7-10 )….and can be easily changed and modified to ones desire…I have used this pattern to make the size small before for a one year old and it fit well…I also like that it has no buttons/seam lines/ties….

I personal was concerned w/ it being see thru so I bought a long tank Cami in XS and it fit perfect under it for $1.50 at another thrift store…I gifted it today and the mom was super happy and just loved it…

20160324_Shades of Pink Dress


Crochet Spring Tank Tops

Published March 11, 2016 by Jayashiangel

Summer tank Top Mix

A friend has a little 3 year old girl and I thought she may like some spring time tanks since mom can’t get her out of the winter sweaters I made for her and the weather here is now in the in the upper 70*F….I used up scrap yarn so the cost to me was zero if you did one top the amount of yarn is under 5 oz….To get the right size I made sure the top chest measured 22 inches and then length was 9 inches tallĀ  and the top to cover the child’s breast area was 3.5 inches.

Note: I think this would work out the same way for an adult if you make a chain the size of the adult just above the tops of the breasts & then as long as you desired the length…

Thanks for sharing these free patterns ….

Patti-Summer Breeze Tank Top

Sweet Toddler Summer Tank by Jamie Hakes Millard

Crochet Baby Bibs

Published March 11, 2016 by Jayashiangel

baby Bib

20160229_Close up of strap

This baby bib was very quick I used 2 different balls of cotton one for the bib and one for the strap this allowed for me to get 2 bibs..I changed the bib strap by adding in different length button holes to allow for tighter or loose depending on the babies neck size….Used a tighter stitch single crochet stitch as pattern called for a Double crochet so to avoid drool or milk getting on baby…

Thanks Beverly A. Qualheim for sharing this free pattern which allows a knitter or a crocheter to make…..

Crochet Baby Top and Shorts

Published March 11, 2016 by Jayashiangel

20160229_Blue Shorts & Blue Vest

For a newborn little boy when someone asks for a quick baby gift….I used this cardigan pattern and just left the sleeves off and the collar this time…I just need to sew on some buttons….Thanks to the following people for sharing these quick patterns :O) just love them…

Debbie Smith for the cardigan top pattern

Shea Simms for the pants/shorts pattern

20160229_Cream Vest

Can change the color and add cream buttons for a little girl a well….I just love this quick top…..