Crochet Spring Tank Tops

Published March 11, 2016 by Jayashiangel

Summer tank Top Mix

A friend has a little 3 year old girl and I thought she may like some spring time tanks since mom can’t get her out of the winter sweaters I made for her and the weather here is now in the in the upper 70*F….I used up scrap yarn so the cost to me was zero if you did one top the amount of yarn is under 5 oz….To get the right size I made sure the top chest measured 22 inches and then length was 9 inches tall  and the top to cover the child’s breast area was 3.5 inches.

Note: I think this would work out the same way for an adult if you make a chain the size of the adult just above the tops of the breasts & then as long as you desired the length…

Thanks for sharing these free patterns ….

Patti-Summer Breeze Tank Top

Sweet Toddler Summer Tank by Jamie Hakes Millard


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