Crochet Shades of Pink Toddler Dress

Published March 24, 2016 by Jayashiangel

It’s spring time here in Phoenix & I wanted to make a little dress for a friends daughter that was both cute and light in weight….Using some balls of cotton I picked up thrift store shopping somewhere months maybe even a year ago I finally found it a home…Love this free pattern that is comes in many sizes (Small 1-3 Med. 4-6x Large. 7-10 )….and can be easily changed and modified to ones desire…I have used this pattern to make the size small before for a one year old and it fit well…I also like that it has no buttons/seam lines/ties….

I personal was concerned w/ it being see thru so I bought a long tank Cami in XS and it fit perfect under it for $1.50 at another thrift store…I gifted it today and the mom was super happy and just loved it…

20160324_Shades of Pink Dress



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