Crochet Baby Bunting/Sleep Sack

Published May 20, 2016 by Jayashiangel


20160517_Blue Baby Bunting











Project #36 ytd……I used this pattern a basic (baby sweater/jacket or top)

Length 22-24 inches made extra long so when you snug up the bottom w/ ribbon you have enough length ( I just need to buy the ribbon and weave it in)

Opted to use buttons at the top area above the arm pits and use ties down the rest for quick access to diaper change..(still needed to attach the buttons)

Used Caron Simply Soft & it was not to heavy but way heavier the baby yarn so I will trying them in baby sport yarn for lightness and stretch……since it’s summer time…

I for the bunting
H for the half DC around the sleep sack
F for doing just the ties at 40 single crochet

 My doll is has a 20 inch chest/waist (approximately a size 12 month baby)…and it is 20 inches long from shoulder to toes….so I am sure it will fit a 3-6 month perfectly…

 P.S. Already have 2 requested from co-workers after seeing them for a total of 6 sleep sack…..

I couldn’t wait to share so I have a few things to finish up w/ it. LOL

Update: Used Lighter Hobby Lobby Baby Yarn (Baby Bee) this is sleep sack #2 I really love this one it’s super soft for baby and very stretchable extra bonus..Yarn Total Less then 5 oz…

2016_05_20_Peaches & Cream Sleep Sack



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