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Little Girls Sweater Style Shrug

Published June 27, 2016 by Jayashiangel

I have used this pattern before as well as a basic sweater style shrug however this time I wanted it to be part of the dress I had made in case the little girl gets cold…

Green and White Shrug





SweetPea Baby Sleeper

Published June 27, 2016 by Jayashiangel

20160623_Carol's Green Bunting

I had a requested order for a baby gift from someone who has seen my yarn work while I was at work…..they needed a sleep sack for winter where it gets colder the Phoenix and yet will fit the baby a while….

Using this free pattern that I have used before but adding a few modification to make it wider under the arms down to babies feet for extra kicking room…


I Hook top of the the bunting and down to arms
J Hook DC around the bunting to make it wider
F Hook for doing just the ties at 45 Single Crochet

Changes I wanted it to be wider from waist to the feet so I did the 2nd row after the arms as follows…Dc Dc DC 2DC (repeated to then end)

Then jumped back to just doing DC for every row until length desired…

Length 24 inches made extra long to snug up the bottom w/ ribbon.

Opted use ties down the rest for quick access to diaper changes…as well as not having to worry if any buttons popped off….

Love this yarn very soft/light and stretchy…perfect for baby I see using the new brand again….

Crochet Toddler V-stitch Dress

Published June 22, 2016 by Jayashiangel

20160617_toddler green and white Dress

Using a free pattern from Jess@ChaleurLife that I liked the design of her tunic pattern to create a v-stich dress from.

I just wanted to thank Jess for sharing her pattern for free it allows a lot of us crocheter’s the opportunity to create beautiful projects for free w/ out having to break the budget. Cost to me was the yarn which I picked up at a thrift store for under $3 for both skeins.

This dress will go to a new home a little girl I have been making clothes for the last year since their financial situation doesn’t allow for anything over the $1-2 range and bought at thrift store when the budget allow..

Here are my modifications:

Toddler V-stitch Dress

  • 6 oz. of 2 colors Caron Simply Soft ( chose 2 colors for dress)
  • Hook-K for starting chain
  • Hook J for rows 2-5
  • Hook I for row 5-end
  • Button

Measurements: Chest: 22 inches Waist 24 inches Total Length: 20 inches

Row 1  Using K hook  Chain 62, dc in third chain from hook, and each across, chain 3 and turn (chain counts as dc, 60 stitches)

Row 2  Using J hook       Dc 9, 3 dc into next, dc 8, 3 dc into next, dc 20, 3dc into next, dc 8, 3 dc into next, dc 10, chain 3 and turn(68)

Row 3               Dc 10, 3 dc into next, dc 10, 3 dc into next, dc 22, 3dc into next, dc 10, 3 dc into next, dc 11, chain 3 and turn(76)

Row 4               Dc 11, 3 dc into next, dc 12, 3 dc into next, dc 24, 3dc into next, dc 12, 3 dc into next, dc 12, chain 3 and turn(84)

Row 5               Dc 12, 3 dc into next, dc 14, 3 dc into next, dc 26, 3dc into next, dc 14, 3 dc into next, dc 13, chain 3 and turn (92)

Armholes- Switched to I hook-as the larger hook made it to wide

Row 6               Dc 14, chain 5, skip 16, dc 30, skip 16, chain 5, dc 15, slip to join, chain 3 and turn.

Row 7 Switch to color option 2, Dc across each stitch including the chain 5’s under each arm to the end the join w/ slip stitch.

Row 8- Chain 4 and then Dc in the same stitch (first v-stitch is made) now skip a stitch and v-stitch (dc, chain 1, dc all in same stitch) repeat to the end if you have extra stitch at the end of the row just skip and join w/ slip to chain in the chain 3 not the 4th stitch this will create the v-stitch for the first stitch of the row.

Row 9 Now slip stitch into the space created by the V’s and then chain 3 and v-stitch in all the v-cross and repeat until top measures approx. 19 inches from neckline.

Switch to color option 1 and 3 Dc in each center of the V-stitch across, slip to join, bind off and weave in ends.

Sew on buttons, using the spaces between double crochets as a button hole.



Just For Me Peach Dump Cake

Published June 10, 2016 by Jayashiangel

The other day I came across lots of new recipes out there on the net but this one  by Novice Chef  really got my attention  I really love peach cobbler & thought this was very close to that plus it was for one person vs a whole 9 X 13 pan of yummy goodness…

20160609_Cake Mix and Peaches

Ingredients are very simple and can be easily keep on hand the only things I needed to grab from the store was a cake mix which was on sale for 4/$ 5 I needed to pick one that didn’t have pudding mixed in it since DD is Lactose intolerant and the pudding ones bother her and peaches…I opted for a larger can closer to 15 oz vs  4 oz since the price for dole 4 pack was $2.79 and one can was $1.09

20160609_Brown Sugar and Cinnamon

Cinnamon & Brown Sugar Yummy!!!

20160609_Cake Mix & Butter

Smart Balance Butter w/ flax seed oil vs regular butter for DD since that is the only kind of butter we have….Sprinkled on the cake mix & the rest of the cinnamon/ brown sugar

20160609_Ready for Oven

They are now ready for the toaster oven.. Yes I said toaster oven I love mine perfect for cooking year around…..they don’t over heat up the house…just for dessert….

20160609_toaster oven

Baked 350*F  it was a little dry at 18 mins so I added the 100 % juice from the can I kept and it was perfectly peachy gooey when cooked for 30 mins total….

20160609_Peach Dump Cake for one

Fresh out of the oven & HOT!!!

20160609_Dump cake for me

Ready to eat a few mins later Yummy!!! I will totally keep this recipe perfect for summer time heat in Arizona !!!! when making it in the toaster oven….

20160609_Cake Mix

Lots of leftover cake mix so I see many more in my future using maybe some cherries or other fruit on hand…Wait I just got some strawberries and blue berries fresh at the farmers market….!!!!