Just For Me Peach Dump Cake

Published June 10, 2016 by Jayashiangel

The other day I came across lots of new recipes out there on the net but this one  by Novice Chef  really got my attention  I really love peach cobbler & thought this was very close to that plus it was for one person vs a whole 9 X 13 pan of yummy goodness…

20160609_Cake Mix and Peaches

Ingredients are very simple and can be easily keep on hand the only things I needed to grab from the store was a cake mix which was on sale for 4/$ 5 I needed to pick one that didn’t have pudding mixed in it since DD is Lactose intolerant and the pudding ones bother her and peaches…I opted for a larger can closer to 15 oz vs  4 oz since the price for dole 4 pack was $2.79 and one can was $1.09

20160609_Brown Sugar and Cinnamon

Cinnamon & Brown Sugar Yummy!!!

20160609_Cake Mix & Butter

Smart Balance Butter w/ flax seed oil vs regular butter for DD since that is the only kind of butter we have….Sprinkled on the cake mix & the rest of the cinnamon/ brown sugar

20160609_Ready for Oven

They are now ready for the toaster oven.. Yes I said toaster oven I love mine perfect for cooking year around…..they don’t over heat up the house…just for dessert….

20160609_toaster oven

Baked 350*F  it was a little dry at 18 mins so I added the 100 % juice from the can I kept and it was perfectly peachy gooey when cooked for 30 mins total….

20160609_Peach Dump Cake for one

Fresh out of the oven & HOT!!!

20160609_Dump cake for me

Ready to eat a few mins later Yummy!!! I will totally keep this recipe perfect for summer time heat in Arizona !!!! when making it in the toaster oven….

20160609_Cake Mix

Lots of leftover cake mix so I see many more in my future using maybe some cherries or other fruit on hand…Wait I just got some strawberries and blue berries fresh at the farmers market….!!!!


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