Crochet Toddler V-stitch Dress

Published June 22, 2016 by Jayashiangel

20160617_toddler green and white Dress

Using a free pattern from Jess@ChaleurLife that I liked the design of her tunic pattern to create a v-stich dress from.

I just wanted to thank Jess for sharing her pattern for free it allows a lot of us crocheter’s the opportunity to create beautiful projects for free w/ out having to break the budget. Cost to me was the yarn which I picked up at a thrift store for under $3 for both skeins.

This dress will go to a new home a little girl I have been making clothes for the last year since their financial situation doesn’t allow for anything over the $1-2 range and bought at thrift store when the budget allow..

Here are my modifications:

Toddler V-stitch Dress

  • 6 oz. of 2 colors Caron Simply Soft ( chose 2 colors for dress)
  • Hook-K for starting chain
  • Hook J for rows 2-5
  • Hook I for row 5-end
  • Button

Measurements: Chest: 22 inches Waist 24 inches Total Length: 20 inches

Row 1  Using K hook  Chain 62, dc in third chain from hook, and each across, chain 3 and turn (chain counts as dc, 60 stitches)

Row 2  Using J hook       Dc 9, 3 dc into next, dc 8, 3 dc into next, dc 20, 3dc into next, dc 8, 3 dc into next, dc 10, chain 3 and turn(68)

Row 3               Dc 10, 3 dc into next, dc 10, 3 dc into next, dc 22, 3dc into next, dc 10, 3 dc into next, dc 11, chain 3 and turn(76)

Row 4               Dc 11, 3 dc into next, dc 12, 3 dc into next, dc 24, 3dc into next, dc 12, 3 dc into next, dc 12, chain 3 and turn(84)

Row 5               Dc 12, 3 dc into next, dc 14, 3 dc into next, dc 26, 3dc into next, dc 14, 3 dc into next, dc 13, chain 3 and turn (92)

Armholes- Switched to I hook-as the larger hook made it to wide

Row 6               Dc 14, chain 5, skip 16, dc 30, skip 16, chain 5, dc 15, slip to join, chain 3 and turn.

Row 7 Switch to color option 2, Dc across each stitch including the chain 5’s under each arm to the end the join w/ slip stitch.

Row 8- Chain 4 and then Dc in the same stitch (first v-stitch is made) now skip a stitch and v-stitch (dc, chain 1, dc all in same stitch) repeat to the end if you have extra stitch at the end of the row just skip and join w/ slip to chain in the chain 3 not the 4th stitch this will create the v-stitch for the first stitch of the row.

Row 9 Now slip stitch into the space created by the V’s and then chain 3 and v-stitch in all the v-cross and repeat until top measures approx. 19 inches from neckline.

Switch to color option 1 and 3 Dc in each center of the V-stitch across, slip to join, bind off and weave in ends.

Sew on buttons, using the spaces between double crochets as a button hole.




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