SweetPea Baby Sleeper

Published June 27, 2016 by Jayashiangel

20160623_Carol's Green Bunting

I had a requested order for a baby gift from someone who has seen my yarn work while I was at work…..they needed a sleep sack for winter where it gets colder the Phoenix and yet will fit the baby a while….

Using this free pattern that I have used before but adding a few modification to make it wider under the arms down to babies feet for extra kicking room…


I Hook top of the the bunting and down to arms
J Hook DC around the bunting to make it wider
F Hook for doing just the ties at 45 Single Crochet

Changes I wanted it to be wider from waist to the feet so I did the 2nd row after the arms as follows…Dc Dc DC 2DC (repeated to then end)

Then jumped back to just doing DC for every row until length desired…

Length 24 inches made extra long to snug up the bottom w/ ribbon.

Opted use ties down the rest for quick access to diaper changes…as well as not having to worry if any buttons popped off….

Love this yarn very soft/light and stretchy…perfect for baby I see using the new brand again….


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