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Crochet Purse and Hide it all bag

Published January 30, 2017 by Jayashiangel

This purse started out to be a walker bag to donate and about half when in to it… I really liked the color and decided I needed a new purse :O) so with few modification I added straps and instant ¬†shades of pink purse..

I then decided over the weekend I need to make a hide it all bag to keep (tampons hidden) at work in my plastic see-through bag….

After making the hide it all bag I decided I will be making a few more….



Crochet PC Mouse Case

Published January 13, 2017 by Jayashiangel


My mom needed a replacement for a previous mouse case I made her which seemed to get a hole in the bottom. I am very surprised it lasted as long as it had I originally made her the first one August of 2012 for her PC Mouse that she needs for work as it would get lost/left behind in patients houses…So it was good for 5 years almost made it to her retirement in May :O) Since making her one previously I have made a few for her co-workers too…