Crochet Child’s Halter Top

Published April 20, 2017 by Jayashiangel


I want to give a shout out to Flybabytina who posted on her blog this awesome free pattern that was just what I was looking for so I could make a matching child’s halter to go with an adult halter top I already made….This top worked up great super quick and 5T size it took almost 3.5 oz skein $5 or less if you use a coupon as cheap as $2.19 for Hobby Lobby I love this cotton….or $3 for 2 balls of Sugar and Cream from Walmart…I just love this pattern :O) I am addicted to it plus it will now be my go to pattern for kids tops…

Using this chart made sure that the shoulder measurement across the top chest area was less 9 3/4 inches as pattern called for so it was just a little big narrower 9. Then I follow the pattern to 7 inches for the top section before the ruffle/lacey then followed up withe ruffle part to measure 10.5 and then added the straps :O) great gift for cute shorts you find or even a skirt u grab at the store to match it :O) I bought 2 pairs of shorts one was $4.88 for the 4 of July one and the other red/white/blue hearts was $2.88. So the total cost for me was $10.76 plus time…:O) which was free too 

20170419_Halter and Hearts Pants

20170419_4ofJulyHalter and shorts

20170419_Red Child Halter




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