Child Size Swing Top

Published August 13, 2017 by Jayashiangel

I came across these really cute and quick swing tops. These tops go from start to finish very quickly in less then one day. They would be perfect to use when you have a skirt/shorts or even pant that no top just matches right….plus the amount of yarn was wild less then one full skein 6 oz.. I plan to make another with those new cute Cake style skeins..The pattern on Ravelry is free however you can join them free and have access to lots of free and paid for pattern. This pattern comes in sizes child 3-7 years and teenager.. However I am assuming following the pattern concept you could making it larger for an adult…

I decided to change the pattern just a little as I was surfing the net and found a different style strap done on a similar one and thought this strap option was quicker as well as a better option for kids as I didn’t want the button/strap to pull to much on the top…

This top I whipped up should fit a child size 5/6 I added an extra row of DC before starting the shell row…

20170812_Swing Top MIX


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