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Crochet Milk Bottle Carrier

Published January 10, 2018 by Jayashiangel

20171226_Glass Milk Bottle Carrier

20171226_Blue Milk Bottle Carrier

As I may have stated before for a living aka those things called a job I drive van so I have to drag all my stuff in out of the van for the 8 hours shift so sometimes I really mean “ALL the Time” have my hands full with stuff. I have dropped my glass mason jars before so I have learned to make carriers for things.. I love this new carrier I have made for my new style milk jugs I refill everyday for work…:O).

So basically I made a 3 x 3 inch square with a starting chain just smaller then width of the bottle and just smaller then the height so when I did my single crochet rows around vs back and forth it wasn’t too big…

This allowed the bottle sides to go up and when I got to the neck bottom of the neck area I chained up 3 and then dc into every other stitch around to create gap chain (rope) into..

I used a Cotton yarn and a G hook..

Crochet Pencil Case

Published January 10, 2018 by Jayashiangel

20171006_Open Case Hot Pink and Black20171006_Hot Pink and Black Front View of Case

This quick crochet pencil case from Red Heart.

I made for my daughter stuff into her backpack worked up quickly and great for her.

As always I made a few changes in size and measurements to allow use of both 3X5 index cards & pads of paper..

My pencil case measured 9 wide by 7.5 tall

Lily Sugar and Cream Yarn on Hot Pink/Black/G hook…



Published January 10, 2018 by Jayashiangel


20171002_Shades of Blue Triangle Shawl Vest20171002_Arm Holes in Shawl Vest

This cute little crochet vest style shawl I made for my niece for Xmas. She is 11 years old and wears 14-16 in girls..This shawl goes together very quickly with a K Hook and 3.25 of Caron Cakes yarn which is nice a soft. I made this shawl a little longer to make sure it covers her lower back (& since she was not around I had to visually wing it)

However it turned out just perfect when I gifted it to her….The pattern comes in S-L & Plus size 1X-3X…:O):O)



Crochet Smiley Baby Rattle

Published January 10, 2018 by Jayashiangel

20170908_Sun Rattle MIX

Crocheting is a great pastime for me I tend to have lots of time as I work a job where I must wait to be called to driving crews members around to various places in town. Then more wait (down time) so I crochet or read during this time…I take various project in what I cal the start stage (must be no bigger then say half a baby blanket in size as I sit in van/drive/wait/crochet/wait & crochet….)

This is one of the projects I completed that was just perfect for my down time plus you can use any scraps you have to whip up this cute smiley baby rattle….I used Red Heart Super Saver in Yellow and Orange both were from random scrap balls I had in my scrap box….Using a E hooks and it measured 4 inches..Here is the pattern…

This project is quick and best paired with say maybe as few baby bibs whipped up in less then 2 days for that oops I forgot to get a baby gift these are great to have as I call gift stash items in a box in the closet..


Published January 9, 2018 by Jayashiangel

20170909_Hot Pink & Black BackPack20170916_Scrappy Backpack20170916_Andrews BackPack

So for Christmas time of 2017 I was busy whipping up lots of mini back packs for various family members here are a few of them and one as a gift for a little girl who I have been crochet things for since she was a baby :O) who is now in first grade…

The original pattern measurement 5 wide X 7 inches tall. I however preferred them to be a lot bigger around 10 inches wide and 12 inches tall. Which everyone who got one loved them :O) so that was a super bonus for me as everyone knows Xmas gift are very hard to give but with crochet or handmade items that is even harder….


Crochet Swing Skirts

Published January 9, 2018 by Jayashiangel

20170828_Swing Skirt Mix

Wow I see I forgot to post things I have been making since August 2017 I tend to post on a few various sites I am a member of like Crochetville and Raverly. However I have forgotten to share here as well…I guess I better leave myself a reminder note must be getting old and forgetful?

Since I made those cute little Swing tops they really needed something cute was well on the bottom right? How about simple swing skirts??

I came across this pattern from Christina Budd. I love her patterns from little girls to you guessed plus size women or as like to say real women :O)..

Back to the swing skirt it calls for a chain of 80 that would be perfect for a size 4/5 just make sure to measure up against your child if your child’s waist is way smaller you could always go down a few stitches or if you need more space go up a few stitches this pattern is flexible since I tend to wing most patterns…

I opted to use a draw string but I next time as suggested in the pattern I will most likely use some thin elastic as this looked like a better option for a little girl who may not be able to tie and untie the waist…(mental after thought)

I used a G hook and Red Heart Super Saver yarn that I had just laying round in the yarn closet…