Crochet Swing Skirts

Published January 9, 2018 by Jayashiangel

20170828_Swing Skirt Mix

Wow I see I forgot to post things I have been making since August 2017 I tend to post on a few various sites I am a member of like Crochetville and Raverly. However I have forgotten to share here as well…I guess I better leave myself a reminder note must be getting old and forgetful?

Since I made those cute little Swing tops they really needed something cute was well on the bottom right? How about simple swing skirts??

I came across this pattern from Christina Budd. I love her patterns from little girls to you guessed plus size women or as like to say real women :O)..

Back to the swing skirt it calls for a chain of 80 that would be perfect for a size 4/5 just make sure to measure up against your child if your child’s waist is way smaller you could always go down a few stitches or if you need more space go up a few stitches this pattern is flexible since I tend to wing most patterns…

I opted to use a draw string but I next time as suggested in the pattern I will most likely use some thin elastic as this looked like a better option for a little girl who may not be able to tie and untie the waist…(mental after thought)

I used a G hook and Red Heart Super Saver yarn that I had just laying round in the yarn closet…



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