Crochet Smiley Baby Rattle

Published January 10, 2018 by Jayashiangel

20170908_Sun Rattle MIX

Crocheting is a great pastime for me I tend to have lots of time as I work a job where I must wait to be called to driving crews members around to various places in town. Then more wait (down time) so I crochet or read during this time…I take various project in what I cal the start stage (must be no bigger then say half a baby blanket in size as I sit in van/drive/wait/crochet/wait & crochet….)

This is one of the projects I completed that was just perfect for my down time plus you can use any scraps you have to whip up this cute smiley baby rattle….I used Red Heart Super Saver in Yellow and Orange both were from random scrap balls I had in my scrap box….Using a E hooks and it measured 4 inches..Here is the pattern…

This project is quick and best paired with say maybe as few baby bibs whipped up in less then 2 days for that oops I forgot to get a baby gift these are great to have as I call gift stash items in a box in the closet..



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