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Stainless Style Water Bottle Sling

Published June 25, 2017 by Jayashiangel

AT Walmart for $10 I picked up Ozark water bottle that holds 36 oz for a really good deal. It keeps things very cold love that since Phoenix can get up to 120 *F However I am shipping it to my fiance who is in Missouri where it tends to get very hot and humid… But was trying to figure out the best way to carry it various place was more worried that the top would get overly stressed sling it by that so I made a carrier for his using this great pattern.. but keep the strap shorter as he plans to clip it to his belt loop (what is it with him and his clips?) P.S. I have a Ozark coffee style cup that is 32 oz that I use for work the ice will last from 3 am until 3 pm when it’s 110-120*F but it’s still very cold but in the winter it will last a complete 24 hours….

20170610_Water Bottle Carrier Mix


Crochet Cell Phone Monster Case

Published June 25, 2017 by Jayashiangel

I took this hook monster holder case pattern and modified it to create a gag gift for my fiance’s cell phone as he just got his first smart phone a couple weeks ago however he asked me to making his a quick carrier that would clip on his belt loop when he is out and about. Well I got carried away as you can see and made this cute little monster as a joke but the best part was he really liked it and uses it…

20170601_Front and back Phone Case

I also made his a few stash bag styles phone bags too with clips…

20170527_AJ's Stash Bag Mix


Car Trash Bag

Published June 25, 2017 by Jayashiangel

I used a previous pattern I modified the first time to create bag for my company van that I post before however this time I used the pattern concept to make a trash bag for my car I wanted it rounded and only one strap and this pattern worked up great opted for DC VS V-Stitch to keep things from escaping out the sides..

This bag works great :O) I am very happy with this new trash bag I am thinking about making a few as gifts for Xmas in colors family members will like…

20170621_Car Trash Bag 2

Crochet Bag Holder for Van

Published May 10, 2017 by Jayashiangel


20170430_Just A Green Bag MX

I drive a company van to transport people @ work and with 5 employee’s per week driving the same van it happens that some of the workers are messy..We carry lots of stuff in the cargo area and some employee’s tend to just toss in the back of the cargo area things as oppose to placing all of 8-10 trash bags in one bag so they are not all over in the van from one side to the other and in the way as well.

So I had enough so this cute green bag was born (I was being nice I was thinking Hot Pink or Even Purple) but the guys may not take to it was well you think? In this bag we carry about 8-10 trash bags…This is the purse pattern I used to modify to get this great bag guess that even the employee and the crews we transport love this idea :O)-