Crochet Child’s Halter Top

Published April 20, 2017 by Jayashiangel


I want to give a shout out to Flybabytina who posted on her blog this awesome free pattern that was just what I was looking for so I could make a matching child’s halter to go with an adult halter top I already made….This top worked up great super quick and 5T size it took almost 3.5 oz skein $5 or less if you use a coupon as cheap as $2.19 for Hobby Lobby I love this cotton….or $3 for 2 balls of Sugar and Cream from Walmart…I just love this pattern :O) I am addicted to it plus it will now be my go to pattern for kids tops…

Using this chart made sure that the shoulder measurement across the top chest area was less 9 3/4 inches as pattern called for so it was just a little big narrower 9. Then I follow the pattern to 7 inches for the top section before the ruffle/lacey then followed up withe ruffle part to measure 10.5 and then added the straps :O) great gift for cute shorts you find or even a skirt u grab at the store to match it :O) I bought 2 pairs of shorts one was $4.88 for the 4 of July one and the other red/white/blue hearts was $2.88. So the total cost for me was $10.76 plus time…:O) which was free too 

20170419_Halter and Hearts Pants

20170419_4ofJulyHalter and shorts

20170419_Red Child Halter



Lots of Crochet Projects

Published April 11, 2017 by Jayashiangel

As you know I get so busy I forget to post new things. I tend to finish one project and jump right into the next with out remembering to share some pictures and best of all the links to those project /patterns…

First project I finished was simple crochet baby bandana’s something super quick to have in my house stash for the unexpected baby gift my mom tends to call me about that she needs me to whip up something in 24 hours so she can give it the next day for the baby shower?…(why do people who don’t crochet always assume we can crochet a baby blanket in 24 hours?)

20170321_Bandana Bib_Mix

The second/third project was a gift for a friends little girl crochet easter basket and crochet puffy bunnies to go with them upon completing them I ended up making a second one for a co-workers little girl who is the same age 3…

Easter Basket Mix



The fourth/fifth projects ended up being crochet apron style halter tops for the little girl’s I mentioned above I tested out 2 different sizes as I was not to sure how much bigger a 5/6 size was to a 3/4 size was going to be..These tops took less then 1 skein of yarn and just over a 66 inches or 5.5 feet of ribbon for the strap….


20170406_Colbalt Blue Apron Mix20170406_Green Apron Mix

The sixth and seventh projects were for one of the kid’s above mom a quick gifts too I made adult halter top and one sun top for spring /summer…I was not to sure of her size M or L so I added extra rows and a made them both a little longer estimating she maybe 34-36 size…

20170408_Terra Cotta Halter Top

20170409_Hot Pink Summer Halter Top

Crochet Doll Carrier

Published March 3, 2017 by Jayashiangel




The little girl I make things for is just the right age for a doll carrier as well so I searched the net for a pattern and got busy looking in my stash of yarn for some bright colors for Spring…

I whipped this little carrier up in say few days while watching TV at night.

I opted for the following changes to the original pattern

1- Pouch style (didn’t want the doll or stuffed animal to fall out)

2- Longer straps with various button adjustment options

3- The Pouch is open 3 inches on each side near bottom so the dolls feet hang out…


8.5 tall and 8.5 wide

22 inch straps with 6 button adjustments.


Kid’s Cupcake Purses

Published March 3, 2017 by Jayashiangel

I was looking for something to do on the go and for kids. Something to add to the bolero’s I had been making and this written pattern for cupcake purses as well as matching video instructions was perfect looked awesome when done..P.S. I made one for me as well :O)

These cupcakes using an I hook for cupcake base and H hook for the cupcake & frosting the purse measures about 6 inches tall and 6 wide…







Crochet Child’s Bolero

Published March 3, 2017 by Jayashiangel


So I decided to crochet a bolero using a concept of a granny square since basically the last one I did for a toddler was basically a square however I didn’t taking into consideration that the square needed to be smaller then 10 inches for a toddler however this should be big enough for a child maybe around 5/6 to  7/8 years depending how big the child is….


I really love the the way it turned out; I used scraps yarn to make so it was a win win project…Hobby Lobby I love this Yarn in orchid that is the lighter purple, Red Heart Dark Orchid  as well as some Deborah Norville Everyday in Snow White….


I will be giving this to a co-worker who has 2 granddaughter one is 8 and one is 4 so we are hoping it will fit the 8 year as a B-day Gift… April…I may end up making another on for the 4 year old so they don’t feel left out….

Crochet Toddler Bolero

Published February 21, 2017 by Jayashiangel

Crochet Toddler size 3 Bolero this pattern looks hard but was very simple I watched a few online videos and then went for it…I used this video which was free.

I want to thank the creator of this pattern for both the free video pattern I really like how simple this project was yet looks very hard…I used Lion Brand Pound of Love yarn in Pink and RHSS in gray

Chained 31 with a K hook and then switched to a J after row 2 to make sure it was wide enough..

Back piece square 11.5 inches wide and 14 rows tall

2 row of shells (2 DC, Chain 2, 2 DC)

2 row of shells (3 DC, Chain 2, 3 DC)

2 row of shells (4 DC, Chain 2, 4 DC)

I skipped Doing Rows of 5 Dc as it was getting too big looking which could be due to the hook size I did these rows in…next time I will switch to smaller hook for the ruffle rounds…